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Official website of Toronto Fitness Trainer Brendan J. Fox. Specialist in helping busy people get fit by working smarter, not harder.

Words To Live By
"It doesn't take talent to hustle."
- H. Jackson Brown
"Pessimism is self- fulfilling, because pessimism short circuits persistence."
- Michael J. Gelb
"All things are difficult before they are easy."
- John Norley
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Fox Fitness Vision
  • Featured health expert on National TV.
  • Over 18 000 hours working as a fitness trainer and nutrition coach.
  • Accumulated over 16 certifications in fitness, nutrition, and rehab.
  • Read over 700 books in the areas of fitness, nutrition, motivation, and spirituality.
  • Highly specialized in assessing and correcting imbalances that lead to pain in the body.
  • Delivers maximum fat loss results with minimal time and equipment (no heavy weights).
  • Grateful to be doing what he loves and committed to giving the best coaching!
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