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Whether you are a beginning exerciser or a professional athlete, Brendan's methods will help you achieve your goals with maximal efficiency, and minimal equipment and time.

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Start your own Cardio Challenge!

In response to popular demand, Fox Fitness is pleased to announce a new great service - customized Cardio Challenge races. Now, Fox Fitness' expert team of fitness and nutrition consultants, graphic designers, and web programmers can collaborate with businesses and organizations to develop fully customized, branded Cardio Challenges to suit their specific needs. This fitness-focused team building experience has many benefits, including:

  • Improved health and wellness
  • Improved confidence
  • Team building opportunities
  • Improved company morale
  • Contribution accountability
  • Social networking opportunities
  • Motivation to be active

When planning your race, you can do as much or as little customization as you like. Our à la carte pricing gives you the flexibility to make this unique experience a possibility on any budget.


The base package includes an exclusive (closed to the public) Race/Forum available to your group of participants (company staff or other group of competitors).

Available courses include:

  • Canadian Cardio Challenge

    A 1122 mile race from Toronto to the east coast.

  • First To Fifteen

    A race to be the first to lose 15 pounds of fat. Pounds are calculated from calories burned.

  • Tour De France

    A race around France which follows the same route as the Tour de France.

For races among individuals, ranking is available based on one of:

  • Total Distance (miles)
  • Total Distance (kilometers)
  • Pounds (calories)


(All customization fees are in addition to the base package fee)

  • Team Ranking by Kilometers - $100

    Add the ability for your participants to join together and compete in teams. See "Additional ways to customize your race" for details on other ways to rank team progress.

  • Custom Login Page - $525 (design $300, development $225)

    Make employees feel at home by incorporating your corporate branding with your own customized login page/url. This also saves your users the trouble of remembering the registration code for your race.

  • Custom Course - $ 550 (header/colour scheme design $250, development $300)

    Create a race from your Pacific office to your Atlantic office, or a hike across the desert! Select this service to develop a unique race theme, including milestones related to your specific course.

Some additional ways to customize your race (for these and any other requirements/ideas you may have, please allow us to provide a quote):

  • Rank race participants or teams based on other variables, such as pounds lost, steps taken, or the degree of their consistency (do they always complete a distance of 2km or more per cardio session?)
  • Customize the weighting of different cardio activities based on your needs. e.g. 1080 calories running is 6 miles, while 1080 calories cycling is 24 miles, so we could convert 1080 calories into the cycling equivalent for distance.
  • Have your participants receive an email each time they are passed by an opponent in the race. Or, have them receive an email each time they reach a race milestone.
  • Incorporate a health, nutrition, or motivational tip on the user's progress update page each time they reach a race milestone.
  • Create a custom logo for each team participating in the race. This can be applied to the race website, as well as t-shirts, hats, water bottles, etc.
  • Create a themed certificate, which is issued to each team or individual when they complete the course.

Most importantly, we welcome your ideas and will work with you to make them happen!

Praise for Fox Fitness
"Not only did (Brendan) get me into the best physical shape I could be, more importantly he strengthened my mental game."
- Andre Talbot, Toronto Argonauts
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