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Whether you are a beginning exerciser or a professional athlete, Brendan's methods will help you achieve your goals with maximal efficiency, and minimal equipment and time.

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Exercise routines provide maximal results with minimal equipment and time, utilizing a database of over 2000 exercises, to provide more variety and fun. In most cases, clients meet for a weekly session, in which they are coached through an exercise routine that is tailored to their priorities. Clients are provided handouts with pictures and descriptions of the exercises, enabling them to complete workouts on their own.

To complement the exercise, Brendan also takes the best nutrition secrets from nutritionists, doctors, therapists, and fitness experts, and compiles them into simple nutrition guidelines that fit your lifestyle.

Brendan meets with personal training clients in 2 different ways:

  1. Downtown Toronto at the Medcan Clinic
  2. With in-home or on-location visits (All you need is a few feet of clear space)
Praise for Fox Fitness
"Without his enthusiasm and knowledge I know I would not have been able to lose 113 pounds. Thanks Brendan for believing in me!"
- Michelle Dovell
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