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Brendan's track record of excellence is backed by many testimonials in the areas of fat loss, pain reduction, and professional athletics. Here is a sample of what some of Brendan's clients have to say...

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Elite Athlete Training

John Morris

"Working with Brendan for the past few months leading up to the Olympics has taken me to the next level and given me that extra gear. I never felt more ready to compete and dominate than I did after working with Brendan. Couldn't have done it without ya, thanks for all your help!

- John Morris, Olympic Gold Medalist 2010 & 2018
Ashley Comstock

"Brendan's approach is unique and by far the best performance coach I've ever worked with. He focuses on the whole individual; really understanding the delicate mind-body connection of health and performance. When I met Brendan I was struggling with injuries and hadn't raced a competitive event in several years. Within a few months, I was pain free I raced and set personal bests in every event from the 5k to Half-Marathon, even besting my times from University (5-year NCAA athlete). Brendan was able to identify and correct issues that no one else could, but he also helped me learn a lot about myself, like what motivated me best and what was limiting my personal growth. We worked on everything from breathing techniques to mental toughness so that I could build my confidence as an athlete and focus on my goals. He designed me completely customized warm ups, workouts, and readings that kept me on track through my hardest training months. Most importantly, working with Brendan is fun; he has a truly unmatched positive attitude, and he was (and still is)100 percent committed to my success. Working with Brendan is a journey that I couldn't recommend more!"

- Ashley Comstock
1:20 Half-Marathon, 17:31 5k
Winner of the Toronto Womens 10k
Winner of the Ontario Northface Endurance challenge
Kristan Marcotte

"Dreams do come true! Thanks to Brendan's online coaching, I was able to achieve my goal of competing in a fitness competition. Brendan's meal and workout plan got me stage ready in 12 weeks! I even qualified to move onto provincials, at my very first competition! Brendan's fitness expertise and constant support helped me achieve this life long goal. I now look forward to a future of fitness and healthy living!"

- Kristan Marcotte

"I work for a major professional sports franchise and would feel very comfortable recommending Brendan to anyone from the finest tuned professional athlete to someone who hasn't exercised in years. He will push you to your max and make you laugh while he does it. He's the best in the business as far as I'm concerned."

- John S.
Nathan Finlay

"Deciding to train with Brendan Fox was one of the best choices I have ever made. He custom makes your programs to suit your specific needs and body type. It's like having a fine hand made Italian suit fitted for you but in the form of a workout, plus I don't think Brendan's Italian!

I am now part of the 2000 club. My bench is at 500 pounds, my dead lift is at 600 pounds and my squat is at a whopping 1000 pounds!!!!! All thanks to Brendan and his amazing skill and knowledge in the field of strength and conditioning. If you are a serious athlete looking to take your skill to the next level I suggest training with Brendan Fox!"

- Nathan Finlay, 2008 South Division Champions, South Georgia Wildcats, Arena Football League

"The workouts are extremely more efficient than other programs. I would spend one hour in each workout & got far better results than with programs that took 3 hours to do!"

- Matt O'Meara, Pro Football Player

"I like how Brendan's routines are specific not just to my sport, but to the position I play. I like the variety. It's got me as strong as I've ever been!"

- Kyle Koch, Pro Football Player
Fabio Filice

"Working with Brendan, I had my best personal performance at offensive line. I won the overall conditioning award, and it couldn't have happened at a better time."

- Fabio Filice, Professional Football Player, Toronto, Ontario
Tristan Clovis

"My neck muscles were constantly in spasm. After meeting with Brendan, I did his stretches for a week straight, and all the tightness left my neck. On his workouts my max bench went up 40 pounds in the month before training camp!"

- Tristan Clovis, Professional Football Player, Saskatchewan, Manitoba
Jason Pottinger

"I truly believe I would not be playing professional football today if Brendan Fox did not help me fix my chronic back problems. I tried physiotherapy, massage, chiropractors, and I visited 4 different doctors for their opinions, and nothing worked. The pain was so unbearable that I could not sleep at night. I began training with Brendan, and within a few weeks my back pain disappeared. To this day I do not experience any back pain, and it has been over a year since my back hurt last."

- Jason Pottinger, Professional Football Player, Toronto, Ontario
Andre Talbot

"Brendan's cutting edge techniques will absolutely leave you in awe. Not only did he get me into the best physical shape that I could be, he more importantly strengthened my mental game. The positive visualization and actualization techniques have also created positive changes in my life outside of football."

- Andre Talbot, Professional Football Player, Toronto, Ontario
John Wood

"Sometimes I only have 20 minutes, but I can go pound out a workout. It's simple. You don't need any equipment, all you need is a 3 by 6 foot area of space."

- John Wood, Canadian Olympic Silver Medalist, 1976, Toronto, Ontario
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