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Brendan's track record of excellence is backed by many testimonials in the areas of fat loss, pain reduction, and professional athletics. Here is a sample of what some of Brendan's clients have to say...

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Pain / Injury

General Aches & Pains

"I have been working together with Brendan for the past 12 years, and it has been wonderful for me, considering I generally don't like to do exercises.
However, what we do is not exercise, rather it is an approach to fitness that makes sense, and is intellectual and thoughtful, every time.
His sessions are incredibly creative and are based on real science, which as a doctor, I respect and appreciate.
Our discussions range from theology to fish, with respect for both!
We have had a range of exercises because I have had a range of issues with various muscle groups, that included injury and weakness. His knowledge of various muscle groups and physiology is impressive.
He is always trying to update himself in training and be aware of new trends, with thoughtful skepticism."

- Dr. Jeff Axler, Gastroenterologist, Toronto

"I have been working with Brendan for a couple of years and after a lifetime of traditional working out and sports I have never felt better than I do now at age 46. I had tried traditional physiotherapy and chiropractic with little effect. In sometimes as little as 2 or 3 exercises Brendan has me properly diagnosed and fully aligned. Different than other approaches I am not temporarily aligned, I remained aligned for weeks at a time resulting in better posture and movement. If you are willing to put in the time to work on simple routines the results are outstanding. I have recommend Brendan to many and will continue to do so."

- Dave Kelly, Senior Vice President, TD Wealth Private Wealth Management, Toronto

"I met Brendan through the Medcan Clinic. Brendan has worked his magic on me a few times. Specifically he has helped me diagnose and eliminate three chronic problems that I am certain would still be bothering me today but for his help and advice. Brendan has a great understanding of the mechanics of the human body and the forces and stresses that operate on a daily basis. He has developed a series of diagnostic tools that help get to the true physical cause of a muscular or skeletal issue. Once he has identified the root of the problem Brendan provides a series of simple, easy to follow exercises that in my case, once followed, resulted in complete and permanent elimination of my complaints! No health professional that I have ever consulted with, but it a doctor, chiropractor or physiotherapist has ever been so successful as Brendan has in not only diagnosing the root of a chronic complaint but in providing me with a solution that does not require any further follow up expenses or visits."

- Bryan Buttigieg, Certified Specialist (Environmental Law)

"Brendan, thanks for the help Friday... I'm amazed at how you identified the issue and found a solution to something I've had going on for 30 years. Am diligently doing my stretches and will continue that for sure. See you in a few weeks!
Also, I wanted to ask if I can refer people...I have many physically messed up family and friends who could benefit from your help :)"

- Marcia Moffat

"BRENDAN: UNBELIEVABLE! THANK YOU! Considering how long my body has been out of whack, this is phenomenal. I'm so amazed that if I weren't living 2400 miles from you, and 25 years your senior, I'd propose. Seriously, thank you."

- Vicki Lockwood, Writer, USA

"My pain was a 10 out of 10, everything was hurting, and it was constantly on my mind. And now my pain is a 0 out of 10. Just seeing Brendan once a week has been unbelievable. It is probably the best thing I've ever done. If anyone is hesistant about Brendan and what he does, then call me anytime (Jim's phone number available upon request)"

- Jim Webb, Contractor, Whitby, Ontario

"Everything you've given me to do, I like doing. To me, that's how I succeed, doing stuff I like. Right away it dealt with the back pain - that's amazing incentive! I don't have the energy deficit that's related to the pain, it's completely gone, and I feel comfortable again."

- Rob Reed, Building Manager, Toronto

"I did therapy for over a year, but then one day I met with Brendan, and I have been pain free ever since! I'm shocked at the results, initially I thought it was too good to be true. With Brendan's help, I got to wear high heels for the first time in a year!"

- Shreenal Tanna, Whitby, Ontario

"That was amazing, it totally blew my mind! I honestly couldn't believe how weak my left side had gotten. After not even an hour, Brendan brought all the strength back! Everything makes so much sense now in how I was compensating."

- Linda Molnar, Oshawa, Ontario

"After a near fatal car accident, Brendan got me stronger than ever. He's the best!"

- Megan Somers, Post-Rehab Client, Oshawa, Ontario

"With 1 hour with Brendan, we fixed an injury that all other therapists couldn't figure out. He amazed me with his impressive tricks and 100% effectiveness."

- Dorothy Aniuk, Hockey Player and Personal Trainer, Whitby, Ontario

"I came to Brendan with multiple serious and painful long-term injuries that had stumped a long list of health care providers. During my first session with Brendan, he diagnosed a problem and walked me through the necessary rehab program. In a relatively small number of subsequent visits, Brendan diagnosed three other problems and provided solutions for each. So if you have injuries that other health care providers can't resolve, I strongly suggest that you bring them to Brendan. He has diagnostic abilities second to none and does a great job of making sure that his patients understand the rehab required."

- Barry Chaffe, President, Chaffe/Malcolm + Partners Inc., Kitchener ON

"Have to say, I have been to a lot of physios, and a lot of personal trainers over the years, but no one has been able to diagnose my aliments as quickly, and certainly not provided a solution so quickly. Thanks a ton."

- Geordie Young, Toronto

Shoulder Pain

"Brendan has not only helped me strengthen my body, he has more importantly helped me resolve every physical complaint I have brought to him. Quite frankly, he is a miracle worker. I first came to Brendan with a shoulder instability issue that I'd been grappling with for 15 years. It impeded me from being as physically active as I wanted to be. I'd seen numerous health care professionals in search of a solution, including physiotherapists, an acupuncturist, an osteopath, and a kinesiologist. In my first session with Brendan, he showed me that I had a bio-mechanical problem that needed to be resolved before i could begin to properly strengthen the muscles around the joint. He corrected that problem within a couple of sessions and showed me how to correct it myself should it ever give me trouble again in the future. It has worked brilliantly. Since then, Brendan has helped me solve other challenges as they have arisen, including foot pain, muscle cramps and facial neuralgia. I would highly recommend Brendan to anyone who is dealing with physical challenges of any sort."

- Laurie Thomson, Toronto Ontario

"Brendan, I have to say that our session far exceeded my expectations. It's been over a year since I could lift my arm overhead (from the side). Now I can do it without pain. You determined the root cause of the problem, and treated it. Nobody else did that. You can use me as a reference any day!"

- Cindy Stockdale, Chief Human Resources Officer, Realstar, Toronto, Ontario

"Your ability to make an informed assessment through a few simple physical tests, and recommend equally simple exercises is unparalleled in my experience. Almost three years ago you were able to resolve a problem with my rotator cuff during my regular Medcan annual physical. You may not recall that by the time I saw you, over a period of two years I had been to numerous doctors, physiotherapists and ART specialists. To me it speaks volumes that no one I consulted with was able to get to the root of the problem the way you were able to.
You are definitely at the very very top of my recommendation list to family, friends and colleagues.
I am extremely grateful and although I hope not to need any further help with mobility issues, its certainly a relief to know where to find it."

- Suzanne de Lint, Toronto

"For over 6 months, I had swelling in my elbow that ran down to my hand. I saw a physio for 8 weeks during that time. Then I saw Brendan and now the swelling has gone down, and I can lift and work at the computer without pain."

- Prasanna Tanna, Whitby, Ontario

"s simply the real deal. He has fixed my shoulder when my doctor couldn't. It's hard to find a trainer that knows more than just regular bodybuilding."

- Friedel Aristyl, Martial Arts Instructor, and Personal Trainer, Whitby, Ontario

"MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH! Outside yesterday with my kids on the driveway yesterday and I was able to shoot a free throw! I was extremely slow and careful leading up to it with a layup step back/step back and only shot 2 or 3 but did it pain free. This wasn't possible for so long. Did not push it or think I'm 100% yet but still this was a great feeling. Thank you sooo much Brendan. You're helping me regain my life back."

- Jason Butler, Oshawa

"Throughout the summer, I had been experiencing recurring muscle strain in my right forearm. I would rest it, apply ointment, and after a workout or a session of yard work, it would be injured again. I approached my monthly strength training session with Brendan Fox determined that my new workout routine would need to accommodate my new, apparently chronic condition. Perhaps forward dumbbell curls - and even bench presses - were not longer right for me.
When I arrived at my session and described my concern, Brendan immediately tested my left versus right strength by resisting his pressure pushing my arms and shoulders down. The left was considerably weaker than the right He also pulled out his eyephone and photographed the upper half of my face. Then pulled out a pen and asked me to follow its movements - side to side, on diagonals, towards me and away. He did this for a few minutes. (I was aware of the technique because one of my twin sons has had a convergence issue in his eyes for a number of years.) Then he retested the strength of left vs right. Amazing! The weakness on the left was much less than it had been, and the soreness of the forearm felt a relief for the first time in weeks. He also rephotographed my face. Then he showed me the before and after. The symmetry in terms of the direction of my eyes was more normal in the second photo that the first. I had never been aware of a convergence problem with my eyes before, but it certainly appeared that this was an important factor that was affecting my left arm (and as I thought about connections between the parts of my body, a recurring soreness in my left heel too.)
Brendan asked whether I would be open to exercises this month directed towards improving eye coordination with body movement, with the goal of improving not only the convergence of my right eye with the left, but also improving the biomechanics of my left limbs with my right. Naturally I said yes, and so my focus at the gym is on a two day split series of exercises that Brendan has labelled LoveEyeAThan (which is pretty funny).
I should note that when I told my sports chiropractor last week about what Brendan had detected, and how my exercises for the month were improving mobility and easing discomfort on my left side, he said not only that he agreed with the diagnosis, but also 'that is one exceptional trainer you've got there!'"

- James A, Toronto

"I would just like to take a quick moment to say a huge thank you to Brendan Fox for seeing me on Thursday December 15th. I have been having severe shoulder problems for almost a year now, and I have gone through Physio and Chiro and nothing was working. Brendan is an amazingly smart person who went into extreme detail in respects to my shoulder issues. In one session with him I was able to rotate my arm and shoulder probably 70% more than I could before. His programs that he taught me were fantastic and easy to learn. Brendan also gave me cheat sheets to take with me so I know I am doing that right movements and not to cause myself to re injure the shoulder.
I cannot say enough positive things about Brendan. I would recommend Brendon to anyone who has Chronic issues with pain."

- Nick Van Veen

Low Back Pain

"Prior to my consult with Brendan, I was in considerable pain and discomfort due to chronic low back pain. My back muscles would spasm and the pain was extreme for about 2 weeks at a time. It would be a struggle to get through the work day. When I got home from work, I would usually take an advil 400 and lay down for an hour or two. I had to quit hockey and cancelled my sessions with a personal trainer, who I had been working with for years.
I knew what my condition was after going for an MRI. The MRI confirmed that I had a bulging disc in my lower back. Upon learning this, I saw my family doctor, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and even a neurologist. Despite spending countless hours and thousands of dollars, not one of these professionals could provide any lasting impact or remedy. It was advil or nothing.
Knowing Brendan has been in the health industry for years, and after visiting the fox fitness website, I sent an email to see if he could help. The subsequent appointment with Brendan was what I had been searching for. In my initial assessment, Brendan was able to pinpoint exactly what was wrong and the side effects it was having on other parts of my body, such as my hips. He did this through simple tests of my biomechanics. Once he figured out the problem, he had me lie down and perform 3 simple, corrective exercises. I got off the floor a changed man. My hips were even, and my back has not locked up in over a year. I am back at the gym 4-5 times a week doing exercises such as deadlifts and squats pain free. I have plans to join a hockey team in the fall.
Brendan understands how the body works better than any professional I have encountered. I have met with him once a month ever since that appointment. This is at my own choosing, as I don't believe there is anyone better to get workout programs from. Not once did Brendan pressure me to sign up for anything after the initial assessment. He offered to meet with me once a month, and told me to contact him if I would like."

- Mike O'Connell, Oshawa Ontario

"I wish to take this opportunity to express how grateful I am for the results that you have effected in my daughter's athletic performance and also her physical wellness during the past year. When I contacted you by email on Oct. 4th, 2014, I was " seeking help for my daughter Julie who plays for the Varsity Blues basketball team". She had been to a half-dozen different chiropractors and physiotherapists outside of her U of T team training staff and was suffering daily with back pain. A month ahead of her season-opener, she wasn't able to get through a full practice and couldn't even sit in a chair without pain. Her back had been touchy in the past couple of years but returning from a January ACL repair surgery, she was "now unable to return to full activity without back pain". She was "certainly getting desperate for help on this."
Having exhausted all hopeful options, your confident response that you could "absolutely help" my daughter seemed too good to be true. From your initial evaluation interview with Julie, however, your inquisitive commitment to "measure" and "check every detail" of her physical mechanics, immediately exceeded the scope of her previous specialists. Within the next hour, you assembled a list of conditioning stretches that addressed at least five different alignment and movement restrictions in her physical makeup ranging through her feet, knees, hips, back and neck. After the stretches, you measured immediate corrections to her alignment in only one hour, and we left your facility breathing new optimism.
Returning to her Monday team practice two days later, Julie said her back did not hurt as much. By Wednesday, she said she could run full-court practice without quitting, a task she could not endure during the previous month. By Friday she said she was playing her game, once again, without pain. At the end of two weeks, Julie was able to begin the pre-season, playing on her new ACL and with new freedom of movement in her back.
Julie's return to the starting line-up put high demands on her strength and stamina, and your continuing attention to revising her stretching routine helped to make her Senior year the success that she had hoped for. We were also impressed by the expanded commitment of your training approach to include research into her diet and the introduction of an anti-inflammatory food diet which also helped to decrease her pain significantly. This initiated new opportunities to increase her physical wellness in ways we were previously unaware.
As we look back on these successes, I want to express how much we appreciate the commitment that you have given to this process. In a conversation that we shared last May, you expressed that your main goal is "to be able to help people", taking each individual's situation to heart. You have demonstrated this admirably in my daughter's case and we are eternally appreciative. Thank you so much for the help that you have given to her."

- Steve Longauer, Whitby, Ontario

"I was pain free skiing (I usually get low back pain). It was the best skiing I have had in a long time because of the strength I gained. It was awesome."

- Barry Smith, CEO Metro Toronto Convention Center

"I have been enjoying working out with Brendan for 2 years now. My chronic back pain is gone. And his rotator cuff exercises worked great, I can now use the TV remote in my left hand again! Brendan also helped me train for the Scotiabank Rat Race, the CN Tower Climb, and a 6 Day, 100 Km Windsurfing Race. Every training session is different and fun with Brendan's unique combination of innovative exercises, humour, and motivation. Many thanks!"

- Carl Spiess, Financial Planner, Toronto

"Brendan, thanks again for your seemingly magical transformation of my back yesterday. You are a wizard!"

- Joe Robertson, Henry Schein Ash Arcona

"I love the sheets Brendan uses. The explanations help me understand everything so What I like about working with Brendan is that when I have problems, such as back or knee, he knows exactly what to recommend. I look forward to the sessions, I always come away enthused and pumped up about the new plans. He is the most incredibly knowledgeable person I've met in this field by far."

- Jane Pagel, Toronto

"As usual, you diagnosed my problem correctly and set me on a path to get it behind me. This one was not easy. It reminds me how many times you have helped me in similar circumstances over the years to get over issues that result from my active lifestyle which as you know includes playing ice hockey, mountain biking, jogging and adventure trips such as the one you prepared me for to the North Pole. At 66, I have to avoid injuries and work at keeping fit so I can stay active. Also I need to minimize the different pulls and strains that naturally occur and have become part of my life as I age.
It has been, I think, at least 10 years that you've been helping me and I am sure that much of my success keeping active and being able to participate in much of what life has to offer, at my age, is due to your help which is in large part so effective, I think, due to the constant effort you put in to being the best most informed person with respect to the general health of people like me which includes diagnosis, prevention and rehabilitation of injuries.
I am so impressed with how often you take courses and are off to seminars and reading and studying the latest remedies, therapies and thinking on health and fitness. I remember when I started taking golf seriously and spending a lot of time practicing and came to you asking for advice on how to avoid repetitive strain injuries, even though you don't golf, you had it made it your business to know exactly what I should be doing and what to watch for. In fact, it turned out, I later found out, that you were on the leading edge of what to do.
I have referred a number of clients to you and perhaps the most surprising to me still is when I sent my daughter who was pregnant and suffering from very serious back and hip pains. She had been to see a number of people who could not help her. I was amazed when she later told me that you had made it your business to be expert on pregnancy issues and immediately and effectively helped rid her of her pain. Thank you again."

- Andy Lennox, Toronto

Hip Pain

"You know Brendan, I think you chose the wrong profession, you should have become an orthopaedic surgeon. You know more about muscles, tendons and joints than any doctor (including the two surgeons who did my hips) that i have ever been to. The same applies to a sports medicine doctor that I used to go to, and all the physiotherapists that have treated me over the years. Like magic, the pain I had in my left hip/back yesterday completely disappeared after our session. You truly are an elite trainer in a league of our own."

- Paul Kelly

"I've been living with pain for 10 years. Chronic hip pain that I thought was arthritis. After meeting with Brendan, I didn't realize how fantastic it was until I got up the next morning and realized that I wasn't doing the things I normally do to compensate for the pain. I told my friends all about it."

- Linda Padfield, Director of Human Resources, INCO, Toronto, Ontario

"You helped me with a hernia repair/groin pull problem. I just wanted to let you know that I feel great... I have played hockey twice since seeing you with no pain... I haven't been able to do that in over a year. Keep doing what you do... you're awesome."

- Michael Scott, Controller, Barrie, Ontario

"I initially engaged Brendan's expertise for my sciatic condition in October 2015. I have had sciatica for roughly 10 years. I was constantly in pain and I could not sleep or function. I tried chiropractic and physio treatments before and they did not help. Also, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called Birdshot, where my personal immune system attacks my eyes. There is no cure for Birdshot and very little is known about its causes. Brendan researched my condition and came up with a plan. He looked at the big picture and slowly addressed issue that he investigated. Since seeing Brendan, I am pain free during the day. I achieved remission for my Birdshot in April of this year. In my opinion his introduction of new treatments to learn and try has been the key to my improvements. Brendan is very knowledgeable, experienced, careful, professional, patient, supportive, motivating, a good listener, never seems rushed / always gives full attention and concentration, enthusiastic, caring, willing to research, and empathetic - a wondeful lifestyle coach. I believe all these have contributed to my positive outcomes."

- Marg Bak, Oshawa

"I underwent direct anterior approach hip replacement on May 6, 2016...I contacted Brendan Fox at Medcan on May 24 to work with me on some post-op hip corrective protocols to get me walking on two legs with a biomechanically correct gait pattern. We had seven intense daily sessions before I returned to work and, after about three of those sessions, I was using my cane only sporadically. Thereafter, I went back to work without my cane, continued with four more daily sessions and felt I was solidly grounded on two feet. For the following ten days, I worked and enjoyed long walks and was active, but did not do any more sessions. I felt during that time that I wasn't quite there so returned to see Brendan three more times."

- Deb B.

Knee Pain

"People are still remarking how different I am and my family is still having a hard time believing it. I not only enjoy playing catch with my son now, I can actually crouch down to give him a better target. My wife makes me walk for people so they can see the difference. Mayor Murphy told me I've limped for the entire time she has known me. Plus, I've got about a million clients for you. It's amazing how many people are at their wits end because regular docs haven't been able to help them."

- Terry Fleurie, Eganville Ontario

"I love the sheets Brendan uses. The explanations help me understand everything so What I like about working with Brendan is that when I have problems, such as back or knee, he knows exactly what to recommend. I look forward to the sessions, I always come away enthused and pumped up about the new plans. He is the most incredibly knowledgeable person I've met in this field by far."

- Jane Pagel, Toronto

"I was scheduled for my knee surgery last week but in the pre-surgery review the surgeon said it was no longer necessary. I still had a torn meniscus, but due to the rehab I received from you, and from Carla and Waj at Totum, he said I no longer had any pain or discomfort and therefore surgery was no longer called for. Thank you for your help!"

- David Lavin, Toronto

"I had knee pain that radiated down my leg and the side of the knee was swollen and painful. Having seen my doctor and orthopedic specialist and had numerous scans, MRI and ultrasound, I was told that it was arthritis and there was nothing that could be done. At the time I was hobbling up and down stairs and couldn't walk any distance without pain, no running and I was eating Advil like candy.
I made an appointment with Brendan and with having explained the problem, he conducted a series of tests on my back, feet, and legs and came up with a diagnosis. The problem was in my lower back. He showed me a series of exercises with I did there and then and got immediate relief with the full strength back. The exercises which I religiously did for 4 weeks has alleviated the pain and swelling. The exercises took about 15 min, twice to three times a day. Brendan thought it would take 6 to 8 weeks before I would see any result. Now I have returned to the sports I love to do but couldn't because of the knee pain and I sometimes get twinges in the knee but I just do the exercises and it seems to do the trick.
I have see Brendan on a number of occasions for issues that my doctor has not been able to diagnose let alone treat and I have never been disappointed by him. He has always managed to figure out what the issue is and how to remedy it all within an hour.
This man truly understands how the body is supposed to work and what to do when things are misaligned. I highly recommend him to you and assure you that you will not be disappointed."

- Chris Clovis, Tweed Ontario

Foot & Ankle Pain

Marcos Chen-Alvarez

"I approached Brendan after struggling with mobility issues, primarily manifested as foot pain. These mobility issues limited progress of my fitness goals and hampered my ability to focus on improving my surfing ability. Working with Brendan has been awesome. Brendan was able to get to the root causes of my mobility issues and provide a roadmap to alleviate them and manage them going forward. Then, using a thoughtful and collaborative approach, Brendan structured a program aimed at optimizing my performance. Brendan got me back on my feet and then back in the water! I look forward to continuing the journey."

- Marcos Chen-Alvarez, Surfer
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