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Brendan's track record of excellence is backed by many testimonials in the areas of fat loss, pain reduction, and professional athletics. Here is a sample of what some of Brendan's clients have to say...

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Pain / Injury

"Brendan, thanks for the help Friday... I'm amazed at how you identified the issue and found a solution to something I've had going on for 30 years. Am diligently doing my stretches and will continue that for sure. See you in a few weeks!

Also, I wanted to ask if I can refer people...I have many physically messed up family and friends who could benefit from your help :)"

- Marcia Moffat

"Your ability to make an informed assessment through a few simple physical tests, and recommend equally simple exercises is unparalleled in my experience. Almost three years ago you were able to resolve a problem with my rotator cuff during my regular Medcan annual physical. You may not recall that by the time I saw you, over a period of two years I had been to numerous doctors, physiotherapists and ART specialists. To me it speaks volumes that no one I consulted with was able to get to the root of the problem the way you were able to.
You are definitely at the very very top of my recommendation list to family, friends and colleagues.
I am extremely grateful and although I hope not to need any further help with mobility issues, its certainly a relief to know where to find it."

- Suzanne de Lint, Toronto

"Everything you've given me to do, I like doing. To me, that's how I succeed, doing stuff I like. Right away it dealt with the back pain - that's amazing incentive! I don't have the energy deficit that's related to the pain, it's completely gone, and I feel comfortable again."

- Rob Reed, Building Manager, Toronto

"Over a year after twisting my hip, neck, and low back in a car accident, I had no relief of pain after trying chiro and massage and training on my own. In just 3 months training with Brendan I have gained immense physical and emotional gratification, and am more functional in my fitness ability and life. My benefits from training with Brendan have been greater than any pain meds."

- Margaret R. Wyatt, Secretary, Pickering

"I was pain free skiing (I usually get low back pain). It was the best skiing I have had in a long time because of the strength I gained. It was awesome."

- Barry Smith, CEO Metro Toronto Convention Center

"I have been enjoying working out with Brendan for 2 years now. My chronic back pain is gone. And his rotator cuff exercises worked great, I can now use the TV remote in my left hand again! Brendan also helped me train for the Scotiabank Rat Race, the CN Tower Climb, and a 6 Day, 100 Km Windsurfing Race. Every training session is different and fun with Brendan's unique combination of innovative exercises, humour, and motivation. Many thanks!"

- Carl Spiess, Financial Planner, Toronto

"I did therapy for over a year, but then one day I met with Brendan, and I have been pain free ever since! I'm shocked at the results, initially I thought it was too good to be true. With Brendan's help, I got to wear high heels for the first time in a year!"

- Shreenal Tanna, Whitby, Ontario

"For over 6 months, I had swelling in my elbow that ran down to my hand. I saw a physio for 8 weeks during that time. Then I saw Brendan and now the swelling has gone down, and I can lift and work at the computer without pain."

- Prasanna Tanna, Whitby, Ontario

"That was amazing, it totally blew my mind! I honestly couldn't believe how weak my left side had gotten. After not even an hour, Brendan brought all the strength back! Everything makes so much sense now in how I was compensating."

- Linda Molnar, Oshawa, Ontario

"My pain was a 10 out of 10, everything was hurting, and it was constantly on my mind. And now my pain is a 0 out of 10. Just seeing Brendan once a week has been unbelievable. It is probably the best thing I've ever done. If anyone is hesistant about Brendan and what he does, then call me anytime (Jim's phone number available upon request)"

- Jim Webb, Contractor, Whitby, Ontario

"BRENDAN: UNBELIEVABLE! THANK YOU! Considering how long my body has been out of whack, this is phenomenal. I'm so amazed that if I weren't living 2400 miles from you, and 25 years your senior, I'd propose. Seriously, thank you."

- Vicki Lockwood, Writer, USA

"After a near fatal car accident, Brendan got me stronger than ever. He's the best!"

- Megan Somers, Post-Rehab Client, Oshawa, Ontario

"Brendan is simply the real deal. He has fixed my shoulder when my doctor couldn't. It's hard to find a trainer that knows more than just regular bodybuilding."

- Friedel Aristyl, Martial Arts Instructor, and Personal Trainer, Whitby, Ontario

"With 1 hour with Brendan, we fixed an injury that all other therapists couldn't figure out. He amazed me with his impressive tricks and 100% effectiveness."

- Dorothy Aniuk, Hockey Player and Personal Trainer, Whitby, Ontario

"You helped me with a hernia repair/groin pull problem. I just wanted to let you know that I feel great... I have played hockey twice since seeing you with no pain... I haven't been able to do that in over a year. Keep doing what you do... you're awesome."

- Michael Scott, Controller, Barrie, Ontario

"Brendan, thanks again for your seemingly magical transformation of my back yesterday. You are a wizard!"

- Joe Robertson, Henry Schein Ash Arcona

"I've been living with pain for 10 years. Chronic hip pain that I thought was arthritis. After meeting with Brendan, I didn't realize how fantastic it was until I got up the next morning and realized that I wasn't doing the things I normally do to compensate for the pain. I told my friends all about it."

- Linda Padfield, Director of Human Resources, INCO, Toronto, Ontario

"Brendan, I have to say that our session far exceeded my expectations. It's been over a year since I could lift my arm overhead (from the side). Now I can do it without pain. You determined the root cause of the problem, and treated it. Nobody else did that. You can use me as a reference any day!"

- Cindy Stockdale, Chief Human Resources Officer, Realstar, Toronto, Ontario
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