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Brendan's track record of excellence is backed by many testimonials in the areas of fat loss, pain reduction, and professional athletics. Here is a sample of what some of Brendan's clients have to say...

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"I am writing this letter on behalf of Brendan Fox, which whom I have trained for over 14 years. Brendan is the best fitness trainer I have ever met. However, Brendan is much more than trainer. He has also consistently provided excellent advice on nutrition and related health issues.
In respect of my training and exercise regime, Brendan has regularly provided monthly variations which were age and health appropriate and kept the program interesting and sustainable. When I encountered specific health issues from time to time, Brendan has carefully tailored the program to ensure the injury or ailment has been properly looked after. The results have been extremely impressive. Brendan's advice on physical issues has always been spot on and his remedial stretches and exercises have consistently been better than those given by any doctor or physiotherapist I have seen. In particular, Brendan's regime has kept my formerly significant arthritis in check all these years and his healthy lifestyle coaching has greatly supplemented the workout programs. You are not only in good hands with Brendan's health and fitness advice, you are in the best hands."

- Colin P. Stevenson, Lawyer

"I am a 63 year old lawyer who had an active youth and was competitive runner but while on a motorcycle at the age of 28, I was hit head on by a car that crossed the median of a highway. I was very fortunate to survive but had extensive damage to my legs, one of which was broken in five places and the other of which had 3 of 4 sets of ligaments severed; as well as extensive deep cuts and a major nerve severed in one leg. Over 35 years of sitting at a desk for long hours, other physical imbalances and restrictions had emerged of my neck, shoulders and hips that left them uncomfortable and compromised for activity.
Personal training with Brendan is exceptionally adaptive to particular muscle and mechanical imbalances.
It is also very holistic. It goes beyond physical mechanics to include life balance, flexibility and various mental approaches and motivations for healthy living choices.
Brendan's approach can address all sorts of muscle and mechanical imbalances or weaknesses. He has an extensive selection of straightforward body mechanics exercises that are targeted at rectifying all manner of tightness, functional limitations, range of motion, comfort of motion and strength of all body mechanics.
Brendan himself is an incredibly positive individual who also has a wide range of motivational techniques and is genuinely interested in making a positive impact in your life.
He also has an extraordinarily wide range of simple and fun exercises to remedy any physical limitations or discomforts. They can fit in 30-45 minute sessions that you can do on your own; in a perfect world, 1-2 times per week to make good progress; 3-4 times per week to make huge progress; and more often if you just love the impact that it has on your physical capacities (which applies most weeks in my own case).
Many of the exercises are things that promote joint mobility, physical functionality and various aspects of anti-aging. They are geared to your own particular needs and desires and unquestionably make a very positive impact on your ability to move and to physically operate with balance, strength, flexibility and comfort; as well as to have a positive attitude to rehabilitation; and to do athletic things if desired."

- Chris Bardsley, Partner, Toronto

"Thank you for putting me in shape to get into combat mode, at age 72, against a 6 foot 30 year old who broke into my house. To be able to hold him down while my wife called the cops. If that happened before I started training with you, I wouldn't dare have challenged him."

- IGAL H, Toronto
Chris Schnarr

"I participated in Medcan's Long Distance Training program from January 2014 until June 2016. I was supervised during the program by Brendan Fox. Leading up to my entry into the program I had spent the last 5 years building a new law practice with 6 other partners. Fortunately our work was a success. But the long hours involved in building our law practice along with a lack of active exercise was starting to take a toll on my health. At about the time of my annual physical in December 2013 my partners suggested that I consider being more mindful about my health.
The Long Distance Training program was a convenient way for me to have a supervised weight loss and exercise program. Fortunate for me my office was 3 floors away from Brendan and the Medcan gym. I started with Brendan weighing 195 lbs. While I had a gym membership that got some use, and while I had worked for a number of years with a personal trainer, my exercise routines were not well thought out. I also had never found a training partner like Brendan, who brought out my determination to significantly improve my health and aesthetics.
After meeting with Brendan and committing to his program I was able to make significant immediate gains. Within 6 months I had lost 20 pounds. I was starting to think that I might be able to actually achieve some of the goals that I had had all my life: a muscular, athletic build. Brendan was a fantastic exercise and lifestyle coach. He understood my goals and positively encouraged me. I was overwhelmingly impressed by his knowledge in most things health related – it was like the guy had a PHD in Health. After losing 30 lbs and gaining a significant amount of muscle, Brendan helped me to get to 7% body fat. As I approach my 50th birthday I have confidence that I'm in the best health possible. I'm happy at work and home and I'm participating in activities such as cross fit, that I never thought I would do.
Brendan has supervised me through 2.5 years of hard work. He has supplied me with the exercise and nutritional knowledge to achieve my fitness and health lifestyle goals. Brendan has been fun to work with and is someone that I hugely respect."

- Christopher J. Schnarr, Toronto

"For the past 10 years I have worked with Brendan Fox on a weekly basis. Brendan is an incredibly talented trainer, truly one of a kind. Brendan is passionate about his work in making a difference in people's lives. He is constantly learning and growing his expertise, in formal and informal settings. While there are many examples I could speak about in terms of how working with Brendan has positively impacted my life, a particular story comes to mind.  Last summer I travelled to Utah to visit my son who was spending some time there. My son wanted me to hike up Angels Landing in Zion National Park. No small feat. At the age of 56, I wasn't sure I could do the hike, but it was a once in a lifetime experience I could share with my son. Angles Landing trail is one of the most famous hikes in Zion. A 5 mile by 5 hour hike. A long steady climb of 1500 ft, at over 5700 ft at its peak. The last half mile is along narrow rock, with sheer cliffs of 1200 ft on one side and 800 ft on the other side. There are chains in the rocks that you use to pull yourself up this last half mile trail to get to the top of Angels Landing. There is a lookout area before moving onto the final climb of Angles Landing. It's here where people make the decision to either continue to the top or enjoy the beautiful view from the lookout and then head back down the mountain. It took me a few minutes to decide to go to the top. I was fearful of what could happen to me and to my son, but I really wanted to complete the climb. We set out to the top. You have to go single file, that's how narrow the rock is, and hold onto the chain all the way. It was this last half mile that i knew Brendan was with me.  I told myself, stay focused, mind over matter, one foot, one step at a time. You know your body can do this. You've been working out for so many years. Trust your body.  believe in yourself that you can do it. And I did. Can't describe the view from the top of Angels Landing other than breathtaking. What an incredible personal accomplishment.  And a lifetime moment to be able to share that experience of the climb with my son. Brendan made that moment possible for me.  I am forever grateful. It is a pleasure and privilege to work with such a talented, committed and passionate individual, who cares so much about his work and the people he works with. That's Brendan Fox. Truly one of a kind."

- Carol Wilding, President & CEO, CPA Ontario

"I have been training with Brendan Fox for almost 14 years! My weekly sessions with Brendan help me establish some routine in a busy schedule, and ensure that I get an intense workout in regularly without making it too easy for myself to be easier than I should be. The best part of working with Brendan is that it's never routine - he's always adding variety into each session, and seems to have an infinite repository of options, positions, games, and ideas for any focus area or issue you might have. Brendan's encouraging attitude, support with goal setting, and creative workouts will keep you engaged, and give you lots to follow-up on your own with professionally designed plans for your days at your home gym."

- Mike F.



"Brendan taught me a lot so when I workout by myself I really know what I'm doing. I saw great results without putting in endless hours at the gym. Brendan makes working out fun so you can do even more."

- Liz Atkins, Toronto

"From our very first workout several months ago, I knew I had made a great decision to train with Brendan. He is very in tune with customizing programs to meet your goals -- in my case improved overall fitness to complement jogging. He comes up with new programs every week and they are always fun, efficiently organized and easy to carry over to workouts at home. Brendan's enthusiasm and knowledge of training makes it all a very worthwhile experience."

- Richard Elliott, Lawyer, Toronto

Thanks for yesterday... after I saw you I went and did Day-1 of the exercises. I'm sore today... but a good sore... muscles all across my body that you've re-introduced me to. And the best thing is that I feel absoluely nothing in my back... it's like it wasn't invited to the party! I'm already looking forward to Day-2 exercises tomorrow :)
Thanks again... I really feel like you've helped me out. "

- Katherine Smart, Toronto
Michelle Massie

"From my very first work-out with Brendan, my whole concept of what I can achieve by staying fit changed radically. A little more than one year later, I feel stronger, fitter, more positive and healthier. I look to the future with renewed enthusiasm. I whole-heartedly recommend his services to anyone who is committed to ensuring their long-term wellness goals!"

- Michelle Massie, President of Michelle Massie Marketing, L'Orignal Ontario

"I used to think I didn't need a trainer because I'm already motivated. But from working with Brendan I know it's much better. It's so much more fun, I love it!"

- Laila Zichmanis, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, Toronto

"I have been working with personal trainers on and off for almost 15 years. During that time I achieved mediocre results. I started working with Brendan 5 months ago and have lost over 20 lbs and 7% body fat. I cannot believe the changes in my body, my energy level and my health. In addition to this, I can't wait to get to my workout sessions. Brendan incorporates exercise with fun "muscle games" (competitive games between exercise sets). It is just the thing I needed to keep me motivated and achieve results beyond my expectations. My workouts with Brendan have made such a positive difference in my life."

- Lynn Jessop, Human Resource Consultant, Toronto

"Along this life journey, I continue to learn that you either get "it" or you don't. Those who get it, like Brendan Fox, embody the essence of enlightened, compassionate leadership. I particularly like his customization of each workout, done in a humorous way, which adds a great deal to the enjoyment of "sweating buckets". His wide-ranging and always positive conversation during each workout adds to the experience. A quintessential professional trainer, he is a credit to his craft and I highly recommend him."

- Charles Coffey, Order of Canada
Dr. James Aw

"Much of the training approaches out there are unscientific, or unsafe. After working closely with Brendan for over 14 years, I can say that his system is safe, scientifically sound, and remarkably powerful. Clients rave about the breakthroughs they've had."

- Dr. James Aw, Chief Medical Officer, OMERS

"I have been working with Brendan 3 times a week for the past year and a half. I find Brendan to be very innovative, creative, and never boring. He changes up routines all the time. He is not judgmental. I have noticed that he is very supportive of his clients, regardless of what fitness level they are at. Brendan sets realistic targets, and helps clients meet them so that they feel good about what they are doing, and are motivated to set the next target"

- Bob Armstrong, Lawyer, Toronto

"Besides being an incredibly positive and energetic person, Brendan Fox is an amazing trainer who emphasizes the "personal" part of personal training. Whether he's doing research to help me rehab my rotator cuff, creating hilarious workout themes to make the session more fun, or carefully working with me to regain abdominal strength after a recent surgery, he always makes me feel stronger, more energized and ready for more!"

- Beverly Mitchell, Owner of Gardenscape Fine Garden Tools

"Brendan makes workouts much more efficient. I can't overemphasize that. He maximizes the time, I don't need to think of what the workout is, I just do it. And I know I'm getting everything in, in a quick 45 minutes."

- Michael Hatcher, VP of European Equities, Toronto

"You always find muscles I didn't know that I had!"

- Hilary Clarke, Lawyer, Toronto

"What I like most is the discipline. Brendan gives me a new program each week, I do it at home, then we switch things up the next week so that I don't plateau."

- Jeff Kennedy, CFO, Toronto

"I've been training with Brendan a couple times a week for over 14 years. The fact I've been working with him for this length of time demonstrates the value he consistently brings. It's rare to find someone with Brendan's passion for constantly learning, growing, and sharing knowledge. We work not only on the body, but also the mind and soul. I was out of shape when we started, but I'm currently in the best shape ever. I can go out and play hockey with my 15 year old son, and he can't keep up."

- Craig Pho, Portfolio Manager, Toronto
Shirley Keillor

"After just one year with Brendan, my bodyfat has gone from 38% to 19.6%. My clothing size has shrunk from a size 16 to a size 8! Oh, and by the way, I'm 65 years old!"

- Shirley Keillor, Real Estate Agent, Whitby, Ontario
Samniang Minc

"I had tried other personal trainers before without success. Then I heard good things about Brendan and decided to give it another chance. I lost 52 pounds in 8 months. I would recommend Brendan as the best trainer out there!"

- Samniang Minc, Chef, Whitby, Ontario
Claudia Pinto

"Since training with Brendan, I now have abs I've never seen before! The stuff he does WORKS, I look and feel better than I ever have!"

- Claudia Pinto, Whitby, Ontario
Ed Buffet

"At about the time of my heart attack, my blood pressure was about 160 over 110, and was 29% bodyfat. As a result of regular exercise and sensible eating, my blood pressure is now 120 over 70, and I'm 19% bodyfat."

- Ed Buffet, CEO Buffet and Company, Whitby, Ontario

"My blood pressure was 70 over 30, and I was intimidated to exercise. The important thing was finding a trainer who understands, and knows how to build confidence. I'm feeling stronger everyday, and am more confident about living with my low blood pressure."

- Sheryl Wright, Retired Pilot, Whitby, Ontario

"Initially I thought the price of having a trainer was high, but I hired one anyways, and came to realize the tremendous value. Since investing in Brendan I have lost fat, am more focused, and have energy all day long."

- Dr. Naresh Kumar, Cardiologist, Whitby, Ontario

"Without Brendan's enthusiasm and knowledge I know I would not have been able to lose 113 pounds. Thanks Brendan for believing in me!"

- Michelle Dovell, Whitby, Ontario

"Before I went on the Brendan Fox experience, I was 280 pounds and had no self esteem. Since then I am down to 200 pounds and am happier than ever!"

- Ryan Sallie, Oshawa, Ontario

"Brendan is awesome. Brendan makes the training fun, but at the same time gets me the results I want. My bodyfat was reduced from 32.1% to 12.1%."

- Tammy Stevenson, Oshawa, Ontario

"I'm extremely happy. I didn't expect to lose 11 pounds in only 3 weeks."

- Scott Boyle, Whitby, Ontario

"It's a good thing I can sew. I've had to alter all my clothes to fit a thinner me!"

- Anya Bungay, Whitby, Ontario

"I turned to Brendan to help me get ready for my wedding - lose some extra pounds and tone up. He created a great program that not only motivated me but also took my lifestyle into account. In only a few short months, he helped me lose the weight and significantly decrease my body fat. My dress maker told me that I had to stop decreasing in size as she could only take the dress in so much! Brendan's enthusiasm made it the process fun and (relatively) painless."

-- Tricia Hough, Director of program integration, Canadian Tire

"Thank you for inspiring me, and going the extra mile. You make working out "fun"!

- Sherry Sharif, Whitby, Ontario
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